Available right now: the new SM 720 SA Plus screening machine

We've already started series production of what is currently our most powerful screening machine.

Doppstadt's very latest machine solution is ready to go. All the factors affecting the start of series production of our SM 720 SA Plus screening machine have been resolved, all the processes are in place and we've just had the green light from our production facility in Calbe, Germany, to start the product launch. You can start placing orders for this machine (which is already fully fitted out) on the 1st of March.

The SM 720 SA Plus separation solution is designed to handle constantly changing screening jobs in different locations, quickly and reliably: ideal for recycling companies, composting or earthworks companies, civil engineering companies, gravel pit and quarry operators, and container services. This machine can cope with almost everything that's thrown at it. It processes household waste, commercial waste, compost, bark, wood chips, building rubble, excavated soil and gravel – all with the same efficiency and reliability. This new feeding hopper is significantly bigger than its predecessor, the SM 720 Profi which means it can be filled continuously. Wheel loaders will now have to work hard to keep up with filling this seven cubic meter infeed hopper.

The SM 720 SA Plus can be adapted to almost every screening job: Not only can you equip it with a multitude of screening drums of different mesh sizes, but also with a star screen insert. Additional equipment, which includes stone grids, wind sifters, ferrous metal separators and much more, transforms the SM 720 SA Plus into a multi-fraction sorting machine, ideally suited to the task in hand. And there's more: you can take it with you, wherever you go. Its semi-trailer design means you don't need any special permissions to drive it on the streets – so you can use it pretty much anywhere and everywhere.


The new Doppstadt screen in operation: