SST 518

SST 518

No dust where it doesn’t belong: The encased drum housing effectively makes the SST 518 a pollution-free working environment, since emissions are released through exhaust devices which can be attached to the machine.
The drum of the SST 518 is 1,8 m wide and ca. 5 m long. The patented load-sensing material feed allows for optimal utilization of the large screening surface of 22,5 m2 . You can choose between a variety of mesh sizes for the screening drum so that the machine is suitable for a number of different areas of application. 

The construction of the SST 518 places the helix inside the machine, enabling a convenient installation from the horizontal. Thanks to the replaceable screening drums and a variety of equipment, the SST 518 can easily be adjusted to different screening tasks. The efficient mechanic power transmission is carried out by a direct chain wheel drive with geared AC motors at the drum surface.

Furthermore, the SST 518 is a veritable quick-change artist and can be adjusted to different screening taks in the twinkling of an eye. Drum-screens used by the SST 518 are identical to those used by Doppstadt‘s mobile machine versions and therefore fully interchangeable. A wide range of different drum-screens are available and provide for maximum flexibility, especially  when operating at continuous duty.

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The screening solutions of the Doppstadt SM series screen waste and raw materials such as compost, soil, construction waste, domestic waste, industrial waste, plastic, glass, paper, wood, biomass, sand, gravel, scrap or slag. The screens are perfectly suited for combined applications e. g. together with Doppstadt shredders or windsifters.


  • Very robust frame construction based on thick-walled profile tubes
  • Speed-controlled direct drive with standard gear motor, therefore perfectly adjustable to screening process and quality requirements
  • High screening throughput thanks to guided material processing inside the drum
  • Wide range of possible applications thanks to combinable lower belts and the option of various mesh sizes
  • Encased machine housing for zero-emission operation in connection with attachable exhaust device