SST 725

SST 725

The SST 725 has a screen drum with 2,5 m (8' 2") diameter and approx. 7 m (23') length. For different applications various mesh sizes are available. The machine has a screening surface of 43,5 m2. The most difficult separation tasks can easily be solved with the completely encased Doppstadt SST 725 with helical guide drum. It accomplishes its tasks by the well-proven screening drum construction with helix inside, which enables a horizontal machine installation.

Thanks to the replaceable screening drums and different equipments, the SST 725 can be adjusted to the different screening tasks. The efficient mechanic power transmission is carried out by 2 direct wheel drives with compact geared motors. Furthermore, highest flexibility for a quick and universal application is guaranteed.

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With screens of the DOPPSTADT SM series you can screen waste and raw materials such as compost, soil, construction waste, domestic waste, industrial waste, plastic, glass, paper, wood, biomass, sand, gravel, scrap or slag. The screens are ideally suited for combined application e. g. with Doppstadt shredders or windsifters.


  • Very good accessibility thanks to large protection doors
  • Very robust frame construction with thick-sided profile tubes
  • Powerful direct drive with standard geared motors, therefore optimum adjustment to the processes and regulation of the screening quality
  • High screening throughput thanks to material guidance inside the trommel
  • Horizontal machine installation, space saving in plant projects
  • Wide range of possible applications thanks to the combination possibilities of the lower belts and the choice of mesh sizes
  • Encased machine housing for equal-zero-emission in connection with de-dusting unit
  • Very smooth and safe running of the drum due to large vulkolan-coated support wheels
  • Easy operation, exact adjustment and reading of the machine data by SPS control, machine operation by manual control or by automatic control in case of subordination to a central control
  • Short setup times and long service life