After the Fire in Calbe: Painting Capacities Ensured at Doppstadt

We passed the logistical challenges caused by the fire: All the painting tasks can be reintegrated into the manufacturing chain.

After the fire that heavily damaged our paint finishing system in the Calbe production plant, we did all we could to achieve our full production capacity. Meanwhile, the capacities required for painting operations have been ensured by alternative solutions and the corresponding logistics are established so that we have now reach full productivity again and ensure the parts supply for our assembly department. We are working at full speed to regain the lost time until the end of February.

Unfortunately in just a few individual cases a considerable delivery schedule variance cannot be avoided. We are already working out an actionable solution in close consultation with the customers and sales partners involved.

At the end of December a fire started in our paint finishing system in Calbe. The fire brigade arrived soon and prevented the flames from spreading to the other buildings. It did not go beyond material damages - nobody was injured.