Air Separation at the Kassel Waste and Bio-Energy Forum

We need to find sustainable solutions today, to preserve the environment in the future. We will be presenting our integrated air separation and solids separation systems, and other products, at the Forum.

Doppstadt will be turning its attention to research at the end of April: at the 29th Kassel Waste and Bio-Energy Forum (April 25th to 27th), experienced experts with a political or scientific background will be speaking about issues involving recycling management, municipal challenges, waste minimisation and zero waste. Among others, the following organisations will be represented at the Forum: the German Ministry for the Environment, the European Commission in Brussels, the German Association of Local Public Utilities (VKU) and Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) and ... Doppstadt.

Our Sales Manager Kai Conrads will be taking part in the Bio-Energy Forum in Kassel. This forum will showcase examples of good practice involving processing and sorting technologies for biomass and compostable materials. Kai Conrads will be giving a short presentation about "Integrated windsifting and heavy solids separation systems" and providing information about products such as our mobile "WS 2000 K" solution, which separates the light component parts of bulk solids from heavy ones.

The WS 2000 K wind sifter is especially suited to separating biomasses such as compost and wood, and also commercial waste, glass, building rubble and mixed construction site waste. An all-terrain machine, it can generate four fractions using windsifting. The bulk solid is transported to the release edge over an acceleration belt. There, an air jet nozzle system generates an upwards air stream and accurately separates light material from heavy material, while producing minimum dust emissions. To find out exactly how that works, visit the Forum in Kassel, Germany, between the 26th and 27th of April.