Gritbuster WT-250

Gritbuster WT-250

The Gribuster was constructed to clean and fractionated materials as street sweepings and sand trap. The feed hopper boost the input material (wet, muddy, dry) in the washing drum. The washing drum separates the material into two fractions at 8mm. The oversize material (material> 8 mm) is washed into the drum and freed of deposits. In a water bath the entrainment would be separated the material in to frakctions (heavy and light).The heavy is taken with an auger and cleaned with spray nozzles. The light fraction is discharged with a conveyor. The undersize particles (> 8mm) are transported against the transport direction of the washing drum to the sand auger. The counterflow procedure separate the light materials from the heavy substances. The heavies are dewatered with an screen and discharged with an auger. The light material fraction (1-8mm) is skimmed off by a dewatering screen from the wash water.
The Gritbuster separation systems operate within the closed water treatment circuit and do not rely on large settlement lagoons for water treatment, which gives this method a competitive edge over the conventional processing of sand and gravel.

The net result is a range of compact plants that can be deployed on small sites to reprocess a range of waste materials to a higher standard than that currently achieved by most conventional recycling systems – even when streams of wet waste come into play which are most difficult to process.

This it how the Gritbuster works: Raw material is loaded via a loading shovel from existing stock piles. A screw feed auger ensures both dry and wet feedstocks are handled with ease.

The wet trommel washes and separates the aggregate whilst minimising contamination from organic matter in the recovered sand.

An integrated hydraulic density separator is used to further separate coarse aggregate from the lighter plastic, sticks, etc.

The recovered sand and gravel can be reused as non-structural fill or secondary aggregate.

Any more questions? Make sure to experience the Gritbuster WT-250 first hand for yourself – you will not be disappointed!

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The WT-250 is the perfect solution for a variety of materials which require thorough washing ecycling process starts: sand, gravel, grit, organics (gras, wood etc.), aggregates, slit, solids-laden water, and many more


  • Enables reuse of recovered sand and aggregates
  • Increases sustainable resource use
  • Reduces disposal costs by separating organic and inert material
  • Enables specific reuse of recovered fractions
  • Combinable with all Doppstadt products