HDS-L (RW 508)

HDS-L (RW 508)

As a result of harvesting an excessive amount of soil residue usually adheres to the crops and has to be removed by way of a suitable cleaning/washing technique.This falls under the responsibility of the HDS-L. The machine combines several processing steps: de-stoning, washing and water treatment.First, the adhering soil and stones are removed via upstreaming. A chain conveyor discharges the pollutants that settle at the bottom of a body of water over a chute.The water flow transports the sugar beets downstream into a washing drum. Here, the cleaning and drying takes place. A belt, which can be pivoted by 180 degrees at the rear end of the beet washer, finally discharges the prepared sugar beets. The built-in water treatment plant cleans the used water with the help of a lamella separator and feeds it back into the water cycle. This reduces the need for fresh water to a very minimum. A screw-blade transports the sludge leaking from the water treatment cycle to a sump and pump well, from where it is pumped into suitable containers or vehicles for removal. To cut a long story short: The HDS-L is the all-in solution for washing and cleaning and helps save a lot of water and energy – and this is usually not something other washing machines can be proud of!

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The mobile washing plant HDS-L gently removes ingrained dirt and soil from root vegetables and crops such as sugar beets, carrots, potatoes or celery. The machine also excels in washing green waste, root wood and oversized composting materials.


  • Compact design
  • Washing, destoning, water treatment in a single machine
  • Integrated water circulation
  • Easy maintenance thanks to large protection doors, swing-out motor unit and centralized lubrication points
  • High-speed chassis up to 80 km/h (approved according to traffic regulations)